A hand-made website of a resturaunt (dicvic.com)
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"physician-created supplement for alcohol recovery" sounds like quackery (www.revivewithpulse.com)
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accessories handmade by the indigenous people of Colombia (www.colombianconnection.uk)
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daily creative prompts and other juicy invitations to the creativity party (mirificationis.com)
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a whole website for dolly ebay sales (mastertowdolly.com)
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Barnyard Scraps Restoration (barnyardscraps.com)
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“The blog builder guy” discusses how to keepyour blog current in a 2 year old post (www.theblogbuilderguy.com)
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A widowed husband’s blog about his wife (www.robfish.com)
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An entire website for a single ultrasound machine (biimultrasound.com)
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Your very own Bangladesh spy agency (bangladeshdetectives.com)
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Old looking soda site (fruitflypro.com)
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DJ SMOOTH sounds like a laxitive (dalecurtisentertainment.com)
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demon child contemplates hell (serenitysuccessacademy.com)
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Finally I can get my ‘fart smeller’ sticker made (bigcustomstickers.com)
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Sorry folks, Billy Blank’s Sweat Club is password protected (billyblankssweatclub.com)
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